Understanding the Importance of Signage in Retail

Getting customers into your store and encouraging them to take the actions you want to when they are there is something that all successful retailers need to do, whether they sell online via a web store or on the high street with a bricks-and-mortar shop.


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Signage plays a vital part in bringing customers in-store, and retail business owners need to use it right to make a great first impression, help customers find what they want and leave a lasting memory of their brand.

Communicating Your Offer

Signs don’t need to be static, and digital signage can be a great way to keep refreshing the messages you want people to take notice of.

Good digital signage can set the standard high for the interactions between your brand and your customer and leave people who visit your shop feeling your business has gone above others in how it looks to serve and interact.


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People believe that signage reflects more about a brand than just the message it is featuring, with 70% of customers in a Fedex study saying that they saw signage as a reliable indicator on the level of the company’s products and services. Many believed that poor signage meant poor products and unprofessional services.

Creating Brand Resonance

When you’re striving for brand awareness, digital signage can help you cut through against competitors. With potential customers walking past your store up to 60 times a month without necessarily setting foot through the door, the signage you use in the shop front is an essential way to start building awareness and then recognition of your brand, which will eventually encourage customers to take the next step and come into your shop.

You don’t need to restrict your digital investment to your store, with many companies such as MacDonald’s seeing great results from placing digital signs on bus stops close to their restaurants.

By allowing you to frequently change images and messages, digital signs can help you try things out and test what works best at helping you to achieve your objectives. Companies that frequently change their marketing materials have been shown to increase sales to their local market.

Digital displays at point of sale can influence a customer’s spending behaviour and help you promote certain products according to stock levels, the weather forecast or other trends.