Tips Entrepreneurs Need To Consider When Employing the Right Candidate

For any entrepreneur who wants his/her business enterprise to gain the competitive edge in the market and expand the scope of its operations, hiring the right employees is essential. Having an effective staff recruitment and selection process within the organization is critical to in satisfying the needs of the existing employees and reducing labor turnover. Such procedures help to select the right candidate with relevant skills, knowledge, and experience for a particular post. Proper interviews and rigorous background investigations go a long way in recruiting the right applicant who can deliver quality services to enterprise’s clients. This is an addition to ensuring that such a person is reliable, honest, hard working and an asset to the organization.

JD Dukes is a leading problem-solver and engineer from Madison, Wisconsin in the United States, who specializes in handling staffing and recruitment issues for companies. During his tenure with Alan Barry Consultants, he was the brainchild in developing SME program for this organization. He says that when comes to hiring the right employees, business owners need to consider the following factors:

  • Recruitment

Entrepreneurs and proprietors need to have a clear idea of what kind of skills they are looking for in a job aspirant that will help him/her fulfill his/her responsibilities. For this, it is important for them to specify the type of skills, knowledge, and expertise they are looking for in a candidate when they advertise the job opening to the public. This will go a long in ensuring that they not only get the right person for the job but they do not end up with having to choose from a long line of poor-quality candidates.

  • Screening process

The interview process provides an opportunity for the business owner to concentrate on how the candidates can contribute positively to the organization. For this, they need to use their judgment or take the help of their employees they can rely on to select the right person. This procedure also allows entrepreneurs to explain their enterprise’s vision, mission, needs and objectives to potential aspirants. This is to ensure that such applicants know what to expect from the organization if they accept the job opening.

  • Selection

The goal of any recruitment process that a business enterprise carries out is to ensure that reliable applicants they hire can make the organization more efficient. This is why it is essential for entrepreneurs to select a candidate based on his/her work experience, qualification, an employment history that he/she states on his/her resume.

  • Reputation

When an entrepreneur hires the right person for a post, it has a positive chain reaction within his/her business establishment. Not only does this candidate do his/her job well but also the existing employees begin to see that their owner is capable of making the right decisions. This helps such a proprietor win the respect of his staff and have a positive effect on the quality of their work.

Jeffrey A Dukes says that entrepreneurs who take into consider the above factors will able to recruit reliable candidates who can make a positive contribution to their organizations.