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Trophies and Sporting Events A majority of people that have completed in the top positions in their various sporting events have had the pleasure of being awarded awards or some award to mark these achievements. These prizes give a feeling of accomplishment whether it is awarded individually or in a group. As ordinary regular sportspeople, we might just imagine of becoming like sports personalities of the planet and getting the trophies discussed herein. The Borg Warner Trophy is going to be the first award to discuss. It is shocking to contemplate that some of the world’s most played sporting trophies were created without the help of the three dimensional equipment of today. The first Borg Warner award was granted in 1936 to the winner of the Indy five hundred race using the decorations of that time. Engraved on it are all the winners that managed to tackle and emerge the best among their competitors around two hundred rounds of the American Speedway. Another famous trophy is the cup of America. Yachting lovers around the globe understand the great challenge of winning the cup of America. Professional groups from nations like Australia, United States of America, New Zealand, and Switzerland gather up to challenge each other with the aim of winning this coveted trophy each year. They just take to the seas for a series of extreme high speed hurdles, with the intention of laying claim on this hallowed, which will be today over one hundred and fifty years old.
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It’s no puzzling question that the refined outlines of the conventional golfing Claret Jug have motivated some of the top three dimensional decoration manufacturing companies. A few people like Walter Hagen and Darren Clarke have had a chance of being in possession of this great prize. The real one is kept under high security at the famous St. Andrews, and the winners of the award have had to go home with an imitation trophy.
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A kind of different type of award in comparison to the ones that we have discussed is the Olympic gold medal. Nevertheless, it’s no less significant, and in truth, maybe much more, to world class athletes for example Jessica Ennis and Usain Bolt and, to some, is considered the best of athletic accomplishments. Expert artisans in the field of three dimensional trophy design will definitely design the future Olympic medals. Fifa Global Cup also is an award to be revered. Sports lovers might remember the first Jules Rimet prize was offered in 1970 to the Brazilian nation. Due to their consistent triumph over other nations, they were allowed to keep the trophy for themselves. Nevertheless, Federation Internationale De Football Association later commissioned the design of a brand new prize, which now is identified as the World Cup. Since 1966, England has not won this award with Spain and other countries being among the countries that have been winning recently. Every professional tennis player imagines they might be lucky enough to win the Wimbledon Tennis Championships. However, there are tough participants who first of all have to be challenged like Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray and Roger Federer. These are the players that have won the much coveted Wimbledon cup in the twenty first century.