Package Lockers Systems for Your Building

Package lockers are important for your office, office building, apartment complex, or condo development. You may ensure the safety of packages that come to your building with advanced lockers, and this article explains why these lockers are far better than a traditional mailbox system. You are on the precipice of a change to the way your tenants and/or staff receive their packages.

What Are Package Lockers?

Package locker systems are arranged in any way you like, and they appear like a cabinet system that was designed in a modern style. The lockers come in large and small sizes, and you may assign them to your staff, tenants, or offer codes to the lockers on a random basis. The lockers look as though they came from a movie set in the future, and they are far more secure than a keyed mailbox.

Package lockers may completely replace your mailboxes, or they may be used as a parcel delivery system for large boxes or folios. You must decide how you plan to use the lockers in your building, and you may order a custom design to fit the space.

How Do Users Access The Boxes?

Boxes are accessed with a key code that is given to the recipient when their package is received. You send a text or an email with the code for the locker, and the recipient of the package may come to the lockers at any time to pick up their purchase. It is far simpler for you to use the locker system than leaving a note in a mailbox and hoping to find a secure place for the box.

Make Your Own

You may choose a standard grid design that has a series of boxes all the same size. You may choose a special pattern that leaves space for envelopes, small boxes, large boxes, and the longest package you have ever seen. You know there is space for everything that comes in even if you did not put limitations on what your tenants may purchase.

Your office may have many products coming in for projects, and your staff are free to leave those products in the box until they are ready. Arrange your package locker cabinet in the way that you think best fits the people around you.

Leave The Cabinet Where Everyone Has Access

Leave the locker in a spot where everyone may access it, leave all the boxes locked, and never give out codes unless you have a new package coming in. You may change the codes for each box every time they are used, or you may give a unique code to each tenant for their own box.

You are using the package locker system to ensure that all packages are kept safe. You never have to watch your packages because they are hidden behind the doors of each locker. It is safer for you, your business, and your tenants to invest in a new package locker cabinet.