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Appraising Employees Using Gifts

Every organization in the world would wish to see their staff members performing at their optimal best. This is because when employees perform well it translates to a general good performance for the entire organization especially financially. To have staff members perform well companies should employ certain strategies in their human resource management. Most of these measures are geared towards motivating the employees to work harder and happily.

Researchers have delved in the topic of employee motivation for a long time. Employee motivation generally encompasses all strategies that serve to make employees work hard and enthusiastically. There are different ways of making employees enthusiastic and motivated at the work place. One way of achieving employee motivation is by paying salaries and dues in time. Provision of a good working environment and other conditions at the work place is also an important factor.

The most recent and widely used method of appreciating employees at the work place is using gifts. This method has been practiced for very many years. The only thing that has evolved is the type of gift and how actually the gifts are awarded. In what ways are employees motivated by gifts? How can one decide the gifts to use for employee motivation?

For clarity of the matter, it is important to ask ourselves what gifts most companies use to achieve employee motivation. Most companies relate the gift awarded to high performing employees and the type of work that the person is employed to do. Case in point is the monetary appreciation extended to finance department workers when they do a good job such as timely completion of annual financial audits.

It is the company in question that actually determines what gift to give its employees. Valuable items have been known to be given out to employees for good performance. For instance, it is common to see a company buying items like watches, mobile phones or even television sets for employees who perform well. Cycles are usually followed during the awarding of such gifts. An example is the awarding of gifts to employees of the month.

In some companies, special services can be used as a form of appreciation thereby replacing tangible gifts. This is a new phenomenon that was not there in the past. The best example is how some companies organize vacations for their staff members after a successful financial year. The use of holiday camps for those employees who have shown outstanding performance is also a notable case. Researchers posit that there is sufficient evidence to prove that employee motivation accounts for over thirty percent of success in a company.

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