How to Use Credit Cards with Interest Free help us in every payment transaction. But remember, there are flowers on every bill that cannot be paid. Do not for complacent because of its simplicity, ultimately making your bill swell, cannot pay in full, and the interest went up. So, how the heck do I use the right credit card and interest-free? Here is how:

Paying = Borrowing

When you use a credit card, the credit card issuer or bank actually give you the loan amount you spend value. Surely, the loan was to be paid. Therefore, in practice many people use credit cards to more than ability to pay. Then, when the big bill came they were puzzled to manage finances to pay for it.

Not Extra Money

In line with the previous point, you must always remember this. Credit card payments are tools that every transaction you easily do without carrying cash. So, try not to assume that the credit card you have is the additional amount you can spend, without the bill in the next month.

Settle Prior to Maturity

The maturity date is important in a credit card. Why? Because this date is the deadline for payment you must do if you do not want to be subject to late fees that will be charged on the next bill. To ensure are, always pay off your credit card bills according to the amount collectible. The portion of unpaid will begin to accrue interest per month applicable at maturity thereafter. Late payments can also affect the credibility and can make it difficult to get loans in the future.

Moreover promo purchase installments up to 12 months with 0% interest. Promo that will help you when you want to buy an item that is high enough price, but you must pay by cash in full. The most profitable, because the 0% installment means you are doing is interest free. However, despite installment offered 0%, calculate how much mortgage you have to pay each month. Customize it with the ability to pay installments and plus other obligations you have.

Check credit card facilities before you shop

Calculate the best way to pay off credit card debt. Check if there are any installment 0 percent of your purchase or a variety of promotions such as discount offers. If you have more than one credit card, use that corresponds to the promotion where you shop.

Sign up automatic payments

Enroll in automatic payment services such as telephone bills, installment, and others to make sure you do not lose time late payment and to pay more for a late fee. Direct debit could save you from a fatal error.

Set the time credit card payments

Each credit card issuing bank usually allows you to set the time of payment of credit card bills. Set maturing your credit card right after payday, in order to ensure all bills paid.

Use reward points wisely

Compared with cashback, some programs such as free vacations might make more sense. Compare the value of the various programs offered by the cashback offer from the bank.