How manufacturing companies can build backlinks

If you’re a manufacturing company, you can increase awareness of your brand and website by building backlinks to your site. Not sure what this involves? Here are several strategies worth trying.

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Offer testimonials

Testimonials are powerful at influencing decisions. According to Social Media Today, 95% of consumers consult customer reviews, and more than half will seek websites with reviews. If you work with other manufacturing businesses, offer to provide a testimonial, together with a link back to your site. It’s a great way to gain awareness.

Guest blog

If you have specific manufacturing knowledge, use this to your advantage. By offering guest blog posts to other high-quality manufacturing websites, you can provide audiences with relevant and useful content showcasing your expertise. When the blog provides a link back to your site, it validates your authenticity and gets people visiting your website.

Use social media

Social media can boost your visibility, and by posting content, images or news, you can use social media to link back to your website. To gain the most from social media, use those platforms that your customers or followers tend to use, to ensure you’re attracting the right kind of audience. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are obvious candidates, but if your manufacturing business has lots of visual interest, Instagram could also be a good one to sign up to.

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Make sure you create the right impression on social media by contacting experts, such as, offering SEO in Dublin and elsewhere. Consistency, professionalism, quality content and visual appeal are all aspects to get to grips with when using social media for SEO purposes.

Be an industry insider

There are bound to be plenty of manufacturing forums on the web, with customers and companies discussing relevant topics or seeking expert advice. Get your name out there on these forums and offer your expertise when the situation arises. By including a link to your website on the forum signature, this gives you credibility and builds links back to your site.

Sign up to directories

Directories are an invaluable tool for searching businesses, so ensure your name appears amongst your competitors. When signing up to directories, think about the most common sources, such as or Google Places, but consider if there are any industry specific or local directories that could help put your website on the map.