Financial Empowerment Proves Once Again Its Need in the Market


Since the entire world economy has experienced a couple of crumbling down, it is quite common that people feel the financial crunch every moment in their life. Due to the increasing needs and demands, people everywhere are feeling the financial crisis and are worried about how to make their day to day end meet. For some section of the society, especially low-income people and single mothers, this economic situation is the status quo. Almost all people have love/hate relationship with money. People are constantly in need of money; they love it when they have money and they hate it when they do not have. To be financially empowered, one has to change his thoughts and ideas and reach a solution that will benefit him.

Bharti Jogia-Sattar is a financial accountant, executive and investments expert based in the greater Los Angeles cosmopolitan area. For 22 years, she has been in the industry.

  • Thoughts about monetary values should be changed.

Money has a negative connotation for the low-income people in the society. People struggle with it, thinking that it is out of their reach. The basic truth about money is that it is a means to get the things a person want and need. Struggling and fretting about not having enough money will not fulfill one’s needs. Instead, one should identify its true purpose and realize its abundance which will make the situation a bit easier.

  • Start bartering for your needs.

The basic idea of bartering is to give something and get back something in return, that is to exchange goods for services. If you have any service or product that others need or want, you can come to an agreement to exchange things or services instead of money.

  • Know the basic difference between your needs and wants.

In reality, it is very difficult to differentiate one’s needs from one’s wants. The five basic things one need is water, air, food, shelter, and clothes. The rest of the other things are optional.

  • Give some money to the needy.

When one gives away some money with a grateful heart, one gets back more than we gave. It feels good to donate and do some charity and to contribute to a genuine cause or greater good.

  • Start loving your life and loved ones and worry less about money

Although it is very difficult to ignore or forget your financial problems when needs and other monetary crisis loom above your head, one should never forget the actual reason for our living and never stop loving our life. Most of the time we are unable to do so and fail to manage and handle our finances and hence rises, the need for expert financial advisers like Bharti Jogia-Sattar to help people with this matter. This educated woman from Los Angeles is interested in a lot of variety of things in life and she also understands the growing need and value of money and is in favor of guiding, encouraging and helping people be financially empowered.