4 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Physical Space

Many small businesses in the modern age choose to operate without the use of a physical address, particularly those that operate a service-based business or those that sell via online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or similar. However, there are plenty of ways that such a business model can actually be negatively impacting these businesses and hindering their growth in the long-term.

Although not necessary, there are plenty of reasons why a physical space can be important for a small business and should not be avoided simply because of the cost. For example, some of the best reasons include:

Professional Appearance

A physical location gives your business a greater air of professionalism that a simple online storefront cannot. It allows for the aura of success and prosperity as well, it also adds an extra level of trustworthiness to your business. A business where you can go and interact with the owner, workers or similar in person is much more trustworthy than a faceless entity online after all.

Simply having a business address can also help to improve your professional appearance in the long term. It also gives you something concrete to put on to business cards, leaflets and other such professional material.

Base of Operations

If your business relies on clients rather than customers, then you may believe your business does not need a physical space more than anyone else. But, the fact is that a physical space can be just as beneficial to a service-based business as it can an e-commerce store. It can be a great space to meet with clients on a consistent basis, allowing you to present your business in a professional light which gives you a much more reliable persona for current and future clients. It can also help with the overall growth of your business.

Having a physical base can also help to give your various technologies a place to impress also, rather than just sitting in the back room of your home. At the end of the day, having professional office space is much more impressive to potential clients and can often gain you more business. Especially if, with the help of commercial property management team, you choose the most impressive property for your business (whilst still being budget and functionality friendly).

Google Search

A physical office address also has a much simpler benefit for your business. In terms of Google My Business, you need a physical address – a P.O. box is not allowed – in order to register your business and boost your local search visibility. If you want your business to compete and rank online, then a physical address is vital and likely something that many of your main competitors will already have invested in. So, invest in a property for your business and you will also be investing in your local SEO campaigns.


A physical space can be, simply put, an investment in the future of your business. As already having a physical space can prompt and even enable your expansion in the future. If you have plans for the future already, then starting now isn’t the worst thing that you can do. Especially as you could decide that buying commercial property Manchester is the best step for your business. In which case, investing sooner rather than later is probably the best thing you can do for your business.


At the end of the day, although a commercial property for your business is not necessary, it can create a whole new chapter for success in your business. So, whether or not you think it a complete necessity for your business, it is a good idea at least to consider obtaining a property for your small business operations. Doing so could create an opportunity and further growth moving forward into the future of your business.