2017 Technology Trends for Small Business

Small to medium-sized businesses are expected to contend with cloud adoption, the internet of things security, mobile payments, Al chatbots, and collaboration that will tool in the year. Technology may mature rapidly or emerge this year while such businesses are dealing with a continuation of trends in the world of Information Technology. However, some of the main topics will not fade away. A perennial concern remains in the cyber security system. As different threat vector change, the signs of security in information are changing. The cloud adoption is also expected to continue advancing. Chatbots are the special artificial intelligence tools that will invade the way business is operated. Comprehensive mobile solutions that include mobile payments will also be seen in this industry. As more options spring up, collaboration tools will be expected to increase. Click here for more information.

IoT Security Remains a Hot Topic of Discussion

The security of the internet of things is now one of the hottest topics for the past few months. Therefore, it will become a hot thing in technology trends in 2017. As small businesses bring more devices connected to their offices and stores, concerns about security will always be raised and expected to grow further.

The rise of malware like the Mirai has the capability to infect devices and turn them into botnets. These botnets conduct a distributed malware attack to deny the small businesses services using their computers. According to a survey conducted in 2017, security practitioners and Information Technology have seen an increase insecurity measure among small businesses that have most devices connected to their stores and offices using the internet of things.

While IoT is a new thing in the world of technology and business, we expect it to have many security challenges. However, the rise in technological advancements through the internet of things will have this problem solved with the coming years.

Cloud Computing Becomes a Norm

According to the state of SMB’s Cloud norm, SMB cloud adoption has risen with the rise in aggregation within the past few years. Over 70 percent of large companies are storing and processing their data using the online capability provided by cloud computing. Over 90 percent of market firms, according to the same research, have adopted the use of cloud computing. The factors that drive this mass adoption of cloud computing include cloud-based back-up and archiving, cloud storage devices, the adoption of basic and mobile collaborative applications, and the continued presence of employee mobile devices. Small business can take the comfort of putting their data in the public cloud. By the end of 2017, IT professionals will be expected to deploy more cloud-based services.

Artificial Intelligence comes live Through Chatbots

While small businesses are actively adopting the use of artificial intelligence on a massive scale, chatbots are the main form of artificial intelligence experienced in those businesses. Large companies use powered chatbots to engage in conversations with their clients and customers to enhance better service and production.

All these technology tools are here to enhance business, especially for the small business retails. They will also be helpful for the small businesses with remote teams and workforces to send documents, chat, and collaborate in real-time.