The Dangers of Undercooked Meat

Food poisoning can happen to everyone, but it can usually be avoided if you take certain precautions. Undercooking meat can mean that harmful bacteria will proliferate in the meat or poultry and as salmonella and E. coli are prevalent it is best to take the advice of the world’s food standards agencies. Read more about steak house ho chi minh.

First of all, when you are shopping you should keep raw meats separate from vegetables and ready-cooked meats such as frankfurters, slices of ham and turkey breasts. You want to avoid the possibilities of cross-contamination as much as humanly possible.

Make sure that your fridge is set to below 40 degrees F or 5 degrees C, as bacteria flourish between 40 degrees and 140 degrees F. Make sure that you store your meat separately in the fridge too and reserve a chopping board which is only used for meats. Keep this bacteria-free by rubbing it with lemon juice, as this has good anti-bacterial properties.

You may need to purchase a food thermometer, as this is the only way to tell if your roast has reached the desired internal temperature which is generally 165 degrees F (74 degrees C) for poultry, whether ground or whole pieces and for leftovers and casseroles. For steaks, roasts, and chops (beef or veal) the internal temperature of the meat should be 145 degrees F

(63 degrees C ) and this temperature is also applicable for a precooked ham to reheat it, as well as for fresh pork and ham, which should be left to rest for 3 minutes before slicing. These are the safest minimum temperatures, higher is fine.

You should not wash raw meat before preparing, as this can increase the danger of cross-contamination as bacteria will spread onto chopping boards, knives, and other kitchen utensils and counters from the meat; it may also spread to ready-to-eat foods.

Pork has its special problems as often parasites such as protozoa, roundworms and tapeworms can exist in the fat and the flesh, making it imperative to expose the meat to sufficient heat to kill these and their larvae.

If you eat your steak rarely, then this will not pose you any health problems as long as your immune system is strong. The bacteria in steak lives on the cut surfaces, so exposure to a high temperature, even if only for a short time, will kill the bacteria. Steak Tartare or Steak ?? Americaine can pose problems as this is raw ground steak ho chi minh. However, if you buy fresh steak and have to ground by a reputable butcher, there should be few health risks- a raw egg yolk can be perilous though! Don’t buy any old ground beef that has been lying around anywhere. You need to select a piece of choice sirloin steak and have it ground in front of you.

Of course, other foods also cause food poisoning, eggs are culprits as are fish and seafood, also some vegetables have caused …

How To Choose The Best Office Chair

Are you a business owner with an office for your employees? Have you noticed if your workers are comfortable with their office chair? Well, when running a business, especially if there is an office space, office furniture is essential. You have to choose the right ones for your company’s requirement. For example, you are running a call center office, and then it means your employees will be sitting in their workstations for a more extended period, at least eight hours a day. Then, picking the right type of chair will make a difference. Not many business owners know that a simple chair can turn your lousy employee to be your next rock star and best guy in the office. Well, let’s see the types of chair and how to choose which is the best for you.

1. Ergonomic Chair

One of the best kind of Houston office chairs is ergonomic. It makes you comfortable even in a more prolonged period sitting and working. People who are gaming enthusiasts used this kind of chair. They can be more productive without worrying about their comfort in sitting around. If your employees are working for longer hours with high production to meet, then the ergonomic chair is an excellent choice.

2. Executive Chair

For the managerial position, an executive chair is a must. It is somehow giving your managers the benefit of having luxurious seats in the office. Aside from comfort, they can elegantly represent the company. A chair does not dictate your position in the company, but it is also important that the executives will be given what they need so they can represent the company well in front of the workers and to the guests as well.

3. Stacking Chair

Well, in the pantry and meeting rooms, a stacking chair can be the best fit. This kind of chair is useful, especially if you need flexible office space or the number of participants will increase. During meetings, stacking chairs are excellent options, so after the meeting, they can be useful for other areas such as applicants’ waiting area and the best type of chair for the pantry.

4. Task Chair

The regular and traditional type of chair is the task chair. Most offices still use this kind of chair as compared to ergonomic and executive chairs, and task chair is way cheaper. Actually, in one ergonomic chair, you can buy at least 3 task chair. But of course, the quality should not be compromised. If you choose a task chair for your employees, then make sure to consider buying for comfort.

5. Lounge Chair

For your reception area, lounge chairs are the best. Just make sure to team it up with your office theme. Bring the best lounge chair so your guests will be comfortable when they visited your office.


Whether you are choosing your office chair for your most valuable employee to your regular worker, it is essential to consider their comfort. Sitting on a lousy chair can bring bad …

Can you apply for any type of business loan if your credit score is below the line?

The credit score is the prime determinant of your eligibility of getting the loan and also deciding the amount of loan that you may take for your business. For many of the small and mediumscalebusiness, having a loan is more of a necessity and less of an option. The lending institutions have certain algorithms in place to identify any risk that might lead to loan default. They want to make sure that the loan applicant can live up to the financial commitment.

The first and foremost factor that is considered by every individual bank and financial institutions is the credit score of the individual or the assets attached. In the case of anunsecured business loan, there is no concept collateral and hence, the factor that drives the process is the individual credit score of the owner and the business potential. There are other factors as well, as the level of documentation, the transactional history, the amount of money required, credit history of the business, business plans, the project reports etc.

On the other hand, when it comes to a secured business loan, the amount of money or the granting of the loan is directly dependent on the value of the collaterals and the assets that are attached to the loan application.

Although it is true that the credit score of an individual is the prime factor on which the application progression for most loans matters, it is not true that if your credit score is below the line, you cannot apply for any loan. The government and the concerned agencies understand the situations where an organization may have a bad credit history and hence, there are few options that can be looked for getting financial support.

  1. You may surely consider the mortgage loans as the loan amount, in this case, is majorly dependent on the value of the assets that are kept as a guarantee and the officials are also relaxed that if the loan amounts are not paid back, they have the alternative of selling the property and satisfying the given amounts with the funds received against the properties sold.
  2. Secured business loans can be another option where the collaterals are attached to the application which may be considered by the officials and your application will have a good chance of getting the needed attention.
  3. You may also look for getting the financial support from the Fintech Companies who are willing to give the money to the organizations on the basis of their merit and potential of the business and not on the criteria of the credit history.

Start-upbusiness loans are also available and mostly, they are backed by government policies. These loans have little to do with the individual credit history and the loans are granted on the basis of the business potential.

Unsecured Business loansare mostly dependent on the credit score because of minimum documentation and no collateral.

But if the credit score is low, what can be the alternatives of getting the loan sanctioned?

  • Secured

Facts and myths around online business loans?

There is no doubt that unsecured business funding from a fintech lender is the best option for a small business to obtain an online business loan without the hassles of extensive paperwork. Further, the loan application process has been drastically simplified by the fintech lenders, with adoption of digital technologies. Business loans from fintech players offer benefits ranging from easy EMI repayment options to competitive interest rates, unlike profit sharing terms insisted by investors or a long-drawn loan approval process in banks. However, despite the advantages, there are several myths that are prevalent amongst SME loan applicants. This is also because the fintech industry is a new and rapidly growing sector. Many individuals are apprehensive of new trends. We shall debunk these myths with facts.

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Myth 1: In case of lower loan amounts, there is a high chance of rejection

This is complete misinformation. A business should ideally apply for a loan amount as per requirement. Hence the question of low or high does not actually arise. The loan amount sanctioned in entirely dependent upon the business performance and the business needs. The loan approval depends on the satisfaction of the eligibility criteria of the lender.  An SME can apply for a small ticket size loan and get the same approved from an NBFC within 3-5 days if it meets the parameters of being financially strong and creditworthy.

Myth 2: Personal Loan is better than a business loan

This again does not hold in many cases. It is always prudent to separate individual accounts from business accounts. The sanction limit is much lower in case of a personal loan, which might be inadequate for business purposes. The interest rates on unsecured business funding are lower than personal loans. Further, the credit score of the business owner in his individual capacity is considered while granting a personal loan. This does not help build the credit score of the business. It is natural for every business to be subject to business cycles. In case of the business hitting a low, the credit score of the promoter takes a hit, which will impact his/her future chances of obtaining a loan. From the tax angle, interest on business loans can be shown as a business expense deduction in the P&L statement and goes towards reducing taxable income of the business. This benefit is not available in case of availing a personal loan.

Myth 3: Obtaining a business loan is tough

There is a common misconception that it is difficult for an SME to obtain a business loan. This is not true. If one meets the eligibility criteria of the fintech lender like at least Rs 40 lakhs turnover, a decent credit score, submission of GST and IT returns and an operating vintage of at least 3 years, there is a high likelihood of loan approval.

Myth 4: Lenders will insist on a loan against property

This is a common fallacy. In case of banks offering secured loans, collateral cover is mandatory in most cases. …

4 types of mutual funds you should be adding to your portfolio

Investing in a mutual fund is a tricky business. There are so many funds available in the market that it is difficult to choose the right one. An added difficulty is to make the right portfolio of mutual funds. A portfolio is a combination of different funds that meet your objective.

The whole business of creating a portfolio becomes even more complicated because the risk taking ability of an investor changes over time. This article is about creating and balancing your mutual fund portfolio. We have identified 4 model mutual fund portfolios that cover almost the entire investing population. These include the conservative investors as well as the aggressive ones who have a high appetite for risk. This article also covers retirees who want a stable income stream during their retirement years.

Before choosing your portfolio, you need to figure out 4 criteria for yourself:

a) Your risk taking appetite

b) Tax friendliness of your instrument- i.e. how much tax you are likely to pay on your yield

c) Period of investment- it may vary from 1 year to more than a decade

d)Return expectations- your expectation may vary anywhere from 8% per annum to  more than 12%.

The 4 types of mutual fund portfolios

1. Wealth Maximizer- This portfolio is for the young investor who has just joined the workforce and is in his 20s or early 30s. This investor has a high risk appetite and won’t mind losing small amounts of money as long as his investment fetches him a very good return over  short to medium term. Typically, this maximizer fund comprises small and medium cap funds and a multi-cap fund to balance out any risks.

One such mutual fund that has delivered a very high yield in one year is the SBI Small and Mid Cap Fund that has topped the small cap market. It delivered an annual yield of 66%. Another notable MF is the Mirae Asset Emerging Bluechip that has yielded 23% over the past 3 years.

Please note that the mid and small cap market looks volatile now and the road ahead is bumpy. Some MFs in this category have closed down their schemes and are now accepting new SIPs with new and tougher conditions.

2.  Growth builder funds- If you are looking for  stable and long-term growth, then opt for those mutual funds that have invested in companies having strong brand values, and have been in business for very many years. Some of these companies belong to the Tata and Birla groups, Larsen Toubro, Asian Paints etc.  

While small cap funds may have delivered a fantastic growth, the large cap market hasn’t lagged either. However, the returns from this category have not matched with its growth. The large-cap category grew 26 % in 2016 but its yield has remained low over the past 3-5 years. Some of the outstanding AMFs in this category are the Franklin India Flexi Cap, Kotak India Select Focus, and Birla Sun life Frontline Funds.

3. …

The Benefits of Building a Fence Around Your Business

While many moving pieces go into the hustle and flow of your business, there are a few investments that might fall by the wayside during planning that could prove highly functional for your company. One of these investments includes installing a proper fence around your business, a professional move that could improve many areas of your property, and the success of your business overall. Read on to discover various benefits that putting up a commercial fence could have for your company.

Undeniable Added Security

This might seem obvious, but putting up something like a wood fence Columbus, Ohio could greatly improve the security of your commercial property. Any business is prone to dealing with vandalism or theft during closed business hours. Having a camera system set up can certainly be helpful, too, but giving trespassers or worse criminals a more difficult challenge in getting onto the property altogether is bound to create a more secure environment over time.

Marked Access Areas

Depending on your business, having certain areas marked off for restricted employees can be wildly helpful in keeping your business streamlined and controlled. If you have a designated fence acting as protection to keep out trespassers, then anyone wandering through would know these areas were restricted and therefore off-limits to them without permission.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Fences don’t only have to be built for security risk purposes. A beautifully-built fence can create immense curb appeal for your company, giving it a classy, professional look that announces your legitimacy and trustworthiness as a serious business. Having any kind of fence can be inviting and impressive to new clients, giving them a reassuring feeling that you’re a neat and organized business owner who takes care of his/her property.

Whatever your reason may be for installing a commercial fence, there are various benefits to keep in mind which can lead to a more successful future for your company.…

Stop Spending Impulsively With These Essential Tips

It’s hard to avoid your spending problem especially when you’re at the point where you already have frozen all of your credit cards. You try so hard to stay away from your favorite shopping malls however you still screw up your budget almost every month. Now, it’s about time to keep your impulsive spending in check.

You probably already read a lot of spending tips but you still manage to destroy your set budget for the month completely. Most of these blogs and books forget to focus on talking about a person’s willpower in stopping impulsive spending.

Sure, you can try to cut up all of your credit cards. However, these won’t stop you from getting tempted to buy things. One thing you can do is to avoid your spending impulse and fight it. Spending hacks do help however if you don’t have the willpower to do stop spending, you won’t get anywhere.

Here are tips to stop you from spending impulsively.

Wait It Out

Force yourself and wait. This will hone not only your willpower but also test it. You can try to set a rule such as a $120 rule. Here, you tell yourself to avoid buying stuff that’s more than $120. Other than that, you can force yourself to wait at least one week so you can think whether or not you want it or you are just impulsive.

Depending on your budget, you can change the numbers. You can try a $25 rule or lower. But the main point is that you should give yourself more time to decide whether or not you should spend. Aside from that, waiting will give you more time to look at discounts and deals.

Sometimes, impulsive spending is not just about big purchases. They can also be small purchases. You can try spending some time before buying something. Say you want to buy a $10 book, give yourself 10 minutes to think about it. If it’s a $20 stuff, give yourself 20 minutes and so on. It all depends on you.

If you’re thinking of making a home improvement or buying a second house, you can try cash out loans in Texas, however, give yourself some time to consider whether or not these are what you want.

When it comes to buying on Amazon, there’s the Amazon Contemplate Chrome extension that you can use. Everytime you click on something you want to buy, it will force you to wait for around 30 seconds. This gives you time to think hard whether you want the item or not.

Focus on Opportunity Cost

Resist the urge of spending and splurging by saving up for a specific goal. Think of spending as your enemy in achieving your financial goal. If you wanted to get out of debt by a particular date, thinking of buying a new bag will make you feel about your debt, so you avoid spending.

In general, an opportunity cost is what you are willing to give up …

Will your products survive the shipment?

Shipping anything can be rough on the contents of the box. Before you ship anything, whether it is medical grade products or not, you need to know whether the contents will pass or fail. It will make it easier for you to know what kind of packaging you should use.

Focus on Packaging

There are a lot of different ways to package pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and more. You want to make sure that it can withstand being dropped. Further, you need to make sure that the product won’t burst when it’s exposed to hot or cold temperatures. By reviewing different packaging options, you can choose a better way to ship everything.

Schedule Tests

ISTA testing will tell you more about what you need to know about your packaging. For example, if your product is exposed to humid conditions during the shipping process, will it accelerate the aging of the product? If this happens, the expiration date you have stamped on the product is no longer valid. By scheduling a test, you can get more accurate results so you can make informed decisions about the packaging and how things should be shipped.

Meet Regulatory Requirements

There may be a number of regulatory requirements that you have to adhere to when shipping a particular product. You will want to meet these regulations. To be on the safer side, you may want to exceed the requirements. This way, you won’t run into any problems when the recipient receives the product.

Packaging consulting is available to help you with shipping products. It will make it easier for you to focus on safe and reliable transport of your products so that they are received in the same condition that they left you. With better packaging and ISTA testing, you can be confident of every shipment.…

Use the Power of the Internet to Increase Sales in Real Estate

When it comes to being a successful real estate agent, you need to think outside the box. You want to reach as many customers as possible. While your business card, ads in the paper, and billboards are a step in the right direction, the internet and email marketing for real estate agents open the door to more possibilities. When you build an online presence, you can easily extend your audience. It’s easy for both you and the customer when you communicate via email.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Selling and Buying Strategy

When you build an email list to contact your clients and potential clients, you will be amazed at how much easier it is to make real estate magic happen. As soon as property comes up that is a good fit for one of your customers, you can make contact. It’s fast and efficient. With mobile devices, laptops, and tablets, everyone is connected. They’ll get the word from you right away about a home or business that needs to be snapped up. At the same time, your customers can communicate easily with you. If they want to sell their property or they are ready to jump on a recommended site, all they need to do is shoot out a quick message.

Get the Ball Rolling Faster

You have to work fast when it comes to prime real estate, getting the word out to interested customers as soon as possible. If you want to be the agent to make the sale, you need to be proactive. Sending out that email at the right time could make a world of difference in your sales. Your customers will appreciate it when you take the time to reach out to them. At the same time, you won’t be interrupting them on the phone. They can contact you at a time that suits their schedule. You may find that more and more communication takes place online because it is so easy for everyone.…

Global Polycarbonate Market Forecast By 2022

Polycarbonate (PC) plastics are impact resistant, flexible and highly transparent but not scratch resistant. Other elements can be added to supplement its heat handling capacity. Items made of polycarbonate include plastic lenses in eyewear, medical devices, greenhouses, digital discs, lighting fixtures, car windows, clear tubing, and 3D printed models.

Due to its characteristics, PC polymers are used in a variety of materials across different industries ranging from automotive materials, consumer goods, building & construction, and eyewear. The transparency of polycarbonate is similar to glass, but PC is stronger and lighter in weight than glass. To combat the risk of scratches, a scratch resistant top-coat can be added to polycarbonate.

As polycarbonate is a thermoplastic polymer it can be recycled by melting and reshaping into the desired form. In contrast to thermoset plastics which can only be shaped once, polycarbonate can be heated to its melting point and given a new shape multiple times without any significant loss in quality. Since traditional plastics do not degrade easily, using PC plastics decreases the need for creating multiple 1-use thermoset plastic items.

The global market forecast for polycarbonates is promising due to the versatile and recyclable nature of PC plastics. The polycarbonate pricing may be hampered by volatile prices of raw materials; however, the global demand is forecast to reach $14.58 billion by 2022, growing at a CAGR of 3.4 percent.

Here is a look at the Polycarbonate market forecast across major global regions:

North America

There has been a stable growth in the North America polycarbonate market which is expected to rise in the coming years as polycarbonate is one of the most commonly used thermoplastics in end-use segments. Most popular applications for polycarbonates in the North American markets are automotive, consumer goods, electronics, medical equipment, optical media, and sheet film.

In addition, upcoming technologies and innovative techniques to use polycarbonates are expected to further fuel the growth of the PC market in North America.


The polycarbonate market in Europe has witnessed a linear growth over the years which is expected to continue in the near future driven by the efforts of countries at a national level, led by Germany, UK, France, Italy, and Spain.  

A significant portion of the polycarbonate sector in Europe was for electronics industry applications, led by large-scale demand for consumer electronics and gadgets. Other fast-growing end-use segments comprised of automotive and optical media.


The Asia-Pacific (APAC) polycarbonate market has been experiencing immense growth and is expected to continue on its trajectory, with China and India contributing to the high consumption of polycarbonates, followed by Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. More than half of the global consumption of polycarbonates has been recorded in the Asia-Pacific region.

Technological advancements in major end-use segments and large population numbers have been credited for the surge in polycarbonate demand in APAC. The largest share segment for application of polycarbonates was consumer electronics, followed by automotive and optical media.  

Across the globe, polycarbonate is one of the most commonly …