Liposuccion À Paris

Le Dr Alain BOUAZIZ est Chirurgien ORL, Face et Cou, spécialisé en rhinoplastie, mais aussi ancien élève des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris. Docteur Mamlouk Dr Karim Mamlouk, Chirurgien esthétique plasticien spécialiste en chirurgie plastique reconstructive et esthétique, spécialiste en lifting, rhinoplastie, prothèses mammaires, plastie abdominale, plastie mammaire, liposuccion , nymphoplastie, Paris. Rhinoplastie Rhinoplastie : toutes les informations et conseils à connaître avant de réaliser une rhinoplastie, l’opération du visage la plus demandée en chirurgie esthétique. À la fin des années soixante-dix, la chirurgie esthétique, par le biais de la pose des implants mammaires, fut un phénomène qui s’est fortement développé en France.

Centre Laser Sorbonne Epilation, remodelage, détatouage, couperose, varicosités, acné, taches… Conseils et tarifs du Centre Laser Sorbonne à Paris. Ancien chef de clinique des Hôpitaux de PARIS en chirurgie plastique childish spécialiste de l’otoplastie. Docteur Rémi Rouquette Remi Rouquette : chirurgie esthétique seins, nez, Ultrashape à Paris. Clinique Mozart Notre clinique de chirurgie esthetique basee sur good est spécialisee en chirurgie esthetique du visage, des seins, du nez ou des paupieres, traitement botox, epilation definitive au laser ou liposuccion.

La chirurgie esthétique est inclus officiellement dans la qualification de chirurgie plastique reconstructrice. Docteur Jean-Luc Cohen Chirurgie esthetique marseille – Clinique greffe de cheveux – Docteur Jean-Luc COHEN. chirurgie esthétique paris Patrice Hilligot Chirurgien spécialisé dans la chirurgie esthétique, plastique et reconstructrice. Le dialogue entre le chirurgien et son affected person en chirurgie esthétique est fondamental pour bien essayer de cerner la volonté réelle du affected person, son désir profond de faire coïncider l’picture de son corps avec ce qu’il ressent profondément.

Clinique Cahuzac centre de la greffe de cheveux avec implants capillaires spécialiste du traitement de la calvitie à Paris pour homme et femme (clinique de spécialiste à Paris). Chirurgie Esthetique Plastique Centre de Chirurgie Esthetique et Chirurgie Plastique de Nice : informations, actualités et types d’opérations. Harmoclin Espace d’information sur la médecine esthétique : methods utilisées, conseils, lexique. Informations Chirurgie Esthetique Retrouvez ici les reponses aux questions que vous vous posez au sujet de la chirurgie Esthétique et Plastique du corps en générale!

La Chirurgie Chirurgie esthetique et plastique : lifting, liposuccion, protheses mammaires, injections botox, par le Dr Lionel Bieder, chirurgien plasticien à Paris. Chirurgie esthétique de la calvitie et du cuir chevelu greffe de cheveux implants capillaires microgreffes. Chirurgie du sein, prothese mammaire, liposuccion, lifting, chirurgie du visage, du corps et de la fundamental. La Chirurgie Maxillo-Faciale Site de l’Association française des jeunes chirurgiens maxillo-faciaux. Ceep Médecine esthétique, chirurgie esthétique, plastique et reconstructrice, maladie veineuse, traitement des varices, centre d’épilation laser, lasers esthétiques et dermatologiques.…

4 Reasons Your Startup Needs a Physical Space

Many small businesses in the modern age choose to operate without the use of a physical address, particularly those that operate a service-based business or those that sell via online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay or similar. However, there are plenty of ways that such a business model can actually be negatively impacting these businesses and hindering their growth in the long-term.

Although not necessary, there are plenty of reasons why a physical space can be important for a small business and should not be avoided simply because of the cost. For example, some of the best reasons include:

Professional Appearance

A physical location gives your business a greater air of professionalism that a simple online storefront cannot. It allows for the aura of success and prosperity as well, it also adds an extra level of trustworthiness to your business. A business where you can go and interact with the owner, workers or similar in person is much more trustworthy than a faceless entity online after all.

Simply having a business address can also help to improve your professional appearance in the long term. It also gives you something concrete to put on to business cards, leaflets and other such professional material.

Base of Operations

If your business relies on clients rather than customers, then you may believe your business does not need a physical space more than anyone else. But, the fact is that a physical space can be just as beneficial to a service-based business as it can an e-commerce store. It can be a great space to meet with clients on a consistent basis, allowing you to present your business in a professional light which gives you a much more reliable persona for current and future clients. It can also help with the overall growth of your business.

Having a physical base can also help to give your various technologies a place to impress also, rather than just sitting in the back room of your home. At the end of the day, having professional office space is much more impressive to potential clients and can often gain you more business. Especially if, with the help of commercial property management team, you choose the most impressive property for your business (whilst still being budget and functionality friendly).

Google Search

A physical office address also has a much simpler benefit for your business. In terms of Google My Business, you need a physical address – a P.O. box is not allowed – in order to register your business and boost your local search visibility. If you want your business to compete and rank online, then a physical address is vital and likely something that many of your main competitors will already have invested in. So, invest in a property for your business and you will also be investing in your local SEO campaigns.


A physical space can be, simply put, an investment in the future of your business. As already having a physical space can prompt and …

The Best Service to Customers

When you think of your local bank branch, you probably have a relatively automated way of doing banking and interfacing with the staff. Most people do not think of the behind-the-scenes processes pertaining to running a successful banking operation. From customer retention and satisfaction to offering a wide variety of products and services to cater to the needs of all customers, there are a lot of training programs, certifications and development courses that bank employees must attend and acquire in order to provide the best service to customers.

The financial services sector is always changing. Banks, lending institutions and credit unions need training to keep up with shifts and trends in the markets, implement the newest technology, learn of ways to increase profitability, grow their network and increase their customer base. Top-level finance service professionals and third-party bank training companies are the brains behind many of the top banks in the world. These top-tier firms have a wealth of industry professionals in their arsenal and are able to educate and inform bank employees on the latest trends in the financial market.

From custom training in person to virtual conference calls and meetings, hiring a third-party company for elite training is essential to the success of any bank. One example of a company offering a plethora of training options for banks and financial institutions is BankersHub:

Retail banking training can help everyone from tellers to bank presidents identify the needs of their customer. With well-defined training, a clear view of financial and market trends and a strong grasp of their bank’s unique products and services, they are confidently able to offer their customers the best options for their financial portfolios.

While most people prefer to take a more automated approach to banking, finances and investing, knowledgeable and informative bank employees can provide a more personalized experience to their customers. When bank employees are able to confidently offer and suggest new products and services, based on the financial market statistics and customers’ account trends, retention rates and overall satisfaction remain high. Taking a personable approach to banking and undergoing effective training are the keys to running a successful banking operation.…

Why Gauge the Success of Your Small Business with Charts and Spreadsheets

Some business owners rely on word-of-mouth or in-the-moment results to gauge the success of their companies. However, while it’s nice to feel accomplished in that moment, charts and spreadsheets can help you gauge the success of your business over a longer term.

Chart Your Success with Attentions to Revenues and Ranks

Mapped-out methods to chart your success are attentive to details that you might miss when you think about how far your business has come. However, these spreadsheets can help you comprehend and tangibly SEE the fluctuations and changes that your business has made, and continues to make, over a long period of time. Where were you when you began? Where is your business now? What are your revenues and ranks like? You can correctly, precisely answer all of these questions with a detailed spreadsheet or flow chart.

Map Out Month-to-Month Expenses and Budgets

Spreadsheets are excellent for expenses and budgets. You can mark your expenses in red and your budgets in blank, while using a calculator to accurately, perfectly add and subtract your revenues over time. Every aspect of your budgets, expenses, and business earnings or losses can be attentively detailed, allowing you to make better, wiser, or the same business choices in the future.

Spreadsheets are Reliable, Organized Ways to Keep Track of Business Elements, From the Beginning to Now

When you began your business, you had a plan. And, if you were smart, that plan was solidified on paper. And now, you use that plan to ensure you meet your goals and accomplish your idea of business success. Spreadsheets, like pharmacy management system documentation, do the same, but in a reliable, organized way that helps you track the changes that your business has gone through from the beginning to now. Which is the ultimate gauge for the long-term success of your business.

Success is subjective, especially in business. But you can ensure you’re on the right path with spreadsheets and charts that concisely, correctly map out where your business has been, where your business is now, and where you want your business to go, success-wise.…

Best Practices For the Use of Voice-overs In Advertising

A common feature in the advertising industry, voiceovers have been used together with a wide range of other marketing tools to convey crucial information to audiences. However, use of voiceovers as a marketing tool does come with its downsides such as ads been assumed to be generic, and overuse of voiceovers resulting in audiences losing overall interest in the products or services being marketed. However, there are certain measures you can take when planning the voiceovers for your next ad in order to significantly increase engagement and arouse the interest of the audience.

What Does It Do Well?

The main aim of a voiceover should be to aid communication. Voiceovers are best used as reinforcements for already existing or occurring communication, for instance describing or explaining something being shown on a screen or simply mentioning a company’s tagline aloud. While the latter use may not be the best way to make use of a voiceover artist’s exceptional talent, the important thing is that technique works and it has helped many brands succeed.

Harmony Is Key

“Voiceovers are best used when mixed with complementary visuals that enhance or back up the information being conveyed,” says a voiceover specialist at Voice Fairy. The voiceover should at no point be competing with the visuals in an ad to catch the attention of the viewers. When this happens, viewers can easily lose focus and the message in the ad may be poorly grasped.

It is very common to find ads where visuals are used to convey a certain narrative while the voiceovers are left to give full explanations of what the narrative is all about. This has been found to split the concentration of the audience thus reducing how easily and quickly they can recall the core information in the ad and sometimes even the ad itself. Ads that sync both the visuals and narration (voiceover) aspects of the storytelling have been found to be the most effective at getting the message across to the audience.

The Choice of Voice Is Important

Finding the ‘perfect’ voice is not always easy and may take up a lot of time. There are two things that can help you in picking the perfect voice or voiceover artist for your content:

Longevity – Consider longevity when choosing a voice because many people prefer hearing the same sweet voice over and over again. You should be able to use the same voice on multiple adverts which in turn makes the voice you choose your ‘brand’s voice. The voice should be good enough to hold the attention of users repeatedly so that no one gets tired of hearing it.

Less Can Sometimes Be More

When not used correctly, voiceovers can reduce an ad’s effectiveness. It has been observed that ads that do not use voiceovers are commonly rated as being unique or different but they are also rated as likely to be poorly understood. It is therefore important to be careful when deciding when and how to …

What is the Difference Between Online Business & Retail Business

With the innovation of technology things have definitely changed over the years. Previously we used to do business using retail trade and nowadays more people like to do business online. The below given scenarios will show you how the retail business has evolved to the online trade or you can incorporate some online means in your retail business.

Let us first understand Retail Business in which a typical retailer usually invests a large sum of capital to start a retail business and in the process they buy goods or services from the wholesaler and then sells those items at a retail price to the consumers to earn some profits on investments. The gained profits are then used to pay the running expenses like the shop rental, utility bills, employees salary and so on. The net profit or loss of retail business are then shared among the partners or directly to the owners of the business and in addition to all this a retailer is required to run expensive marketing campaigns by placing promotional advertisements on television, printing of flyers, newspapers, billboards etc to earn more sales.

Now let us delve into Scenario Online Business in which a person invests a small amount of money to set up a website and then via that site he or she sells their products or services in their website. In the digital world, they can pay a small amount to join affiliate programs and earn commissions from selling their associates’ products or can sell their own products or services online. The profit from joining the affiliate programs or commission from sales will go directly to the pocket of the online business person and they can also marketing their products and services with their website by running different kinds of online marketing campaign. They can use backlinks, articles writing, blogging, keywords, solo advertisements, pay per click advertisements etc. for driving more traffic to their site.

On this node, time has come to understand the Difference between Retail Business and Online Business and the relation between them. Retail business still exists and they are age old well trusted from of business but the online business are starting to overtake the retail market because of their ease of functioning and promotion. Business that used to happen ten years ago has slightly changed throughout the years and some of the retailers are starting to use the online marketing tools to sell their products by setting up a website- this is where comes the relation between retail business and online business.

Online means of business is also cheaper to invest and to market their products online and on top of this the losses incurred in online business are minimal compared to retail business. The time that you spend on setting up and running an online business is much lesser compared to the retail business and that is why industry experts advise to use online methods in your retail businesses as well. Incorporating e-payment system, using QR code generator by …

How to Plan Your Retirement as a Business Owner

Running and owning a business is something that takes up a lot of time and energy. This means that long-term jobs, such as planning your retirement, are often pushed to one side and left for another day. Entrepreneurs are used to spending more time thinking about their business’s growth and how to protect them. There are simple steps that a business owner can start putting in place now to ensure that they have a more secure retirement in the future.

Set A Goal

When planning your retirement, it can be helpful to imagine where you want to end up, whether it’s living a simple life in a bungalow, sailing around the world on your own yacht or somewhere in between the two. Once business owners identify the components they need for a comfortable retirement, then it’s easier to craft an appropriate plan to sell the business on or pass it along to an heir.

Develop A Succession Plan

In the corporate world, there is usually another employee waiting to take the place of a retired co-worker. When you own a small business, it can be difficult to relinquish control to just anyone. Most small business owners don’t tend to have a succession plan in place, but it’s important to your company’s future that you prepare a solid strategy. To get started, it’s best to meet with a trusted lawyer for further advice. Then, meet and discuss your plans with the family member or employee you have in mind to take over once you retire. Whilst these preparation processes may seem daunting, just taking the time to plan ahead will get rid of many future headaches.

Build A Support Team

Business owners are expected to know every in and out of their market, but they may not be so experienced when it comes to selecting the best retirement savings plan or potential tax implications that come with selling a business. It’s crucial that you build and get to know a team of professionals who will help you navigate any rough patches to avoid the need of dispute resolution lawyers.

Position Your Business to Be Valuable Without You

If your ultimate goal is to use the money from the sale of your business to fund your retirement, then you need to make sure that it’s in good shape for potential buyers. Small business owners should start preparing for the sale of the business at least three years before they plan to retire. Once you’ve started preparing the tax documents, you should work towards being less involved in the general day-to-day running of the business as businesses that require the owner to work long hours are typically less attractive to potential buyers.

Set Up a Diversified Retirement Plan

Even though selling a business is one way to fund your retirement, there is danger involved in relying solely on the money from your business sale. What it your business suffers from a drop in business, severe property damage or any other number of …

How a business owner can benefit From a Vehicle Route Mapping Software

If you have ever planned your routes using a pen and piece of paper, you probably understand how cumbersome the task is, yet still, there is no assurance that you will get 100% accurate optimized routes. Using a reliable route mapping software streamlines the process for you and make sure you avoid getting negative customer reviews due to delayed delivery. The delays could result from choosing the wrong route. In this article, you will learn how the software can assist you to map an accurate route that your drivers will find it easy to use.

Mapping a route in less than one minute
Irrespective of the strategy you choose to use, you will need more than one minute to map the routes using a pen and a paper. However, with a route planning software, you can execute the process in less than one minute. The software is designed to execute all the necessary complex computations within seconds and it will give you 99.9% accurate optimized route. Therefore, you will be able to save a lot of time that you can use in growing the business. Additionally, your delivery drivers can cover many routes at the same time as before with optimized routes. Your drivers will not experience any difficulty when getting the routes and this will enhance the productivity due to timely delivery. This will influence your clients to do more business with you and refer more clients.

It helps you avoid difficult turns
In an event where the driver is required to cover numerous routes every day, they will come across different types of turns, including U-turns, left turns and right turns. Note that every turn has its own challenges. This is where the use of route planning software comes in handy since they come with features that help the driver to avoid the U-turns, left turns and right turns. All you need to do is choose your preference and let the software to map your route that has no turns. Because the drivers will not get stuck at any point, they will deliver the goods on time, and this will help you provide the best customer experience.

Helps to keep the drivers safe from hostile weather conditions
Driving during hostile weather condition is risky both to the driver and the vehicle since any mishap will result in extra expenses due to medical, legal and repair costs. Note that you cannot avert these risks if you use the traditional approach. This is because it is not possible to know which parts adverse weather in will have the next few hours, bearing in mind that you cannot afford to compromise on delivery and you cannot risk the lives of your drivers as well.

On the other hand, when mapping your next route using the software, it automatically evaluates the geographic region and route date. It then uses the forecasted weather conditions for that specific region and date. Based on the sternness, it will prompt you to travel at slow speed …

Five Potential Performance Bottlenecks areas on Your System

Performance bottlenecks are sure to slow down a functional computer or server system. The term bottleneck in the tech-world refers to a network that is overstressed or overloaded. It is also used to refer to a computing device whereby a component is not able to keep the speed with other devices in the system, therefore slows down in performance. Solving bottleneck calls for restoring the system to its optimum functionality. However, to fix the issue, you first need to identify the component that is not performing in your system. While most performance bottleneck will often lay in the Memory, Disk, the CPU and the Network, there are many more places that the bottleneck can hide. Here are just a few places to check when faced with a painfully-slow performance.


The Network
Many people often blame the network for harboring performance bottlenecks however in the end; it does not turn out to be true. It can pose a performance slowdown only if there is a component that is failing, such as a hardware breakdown, a damaged switch port, a spoilt network card router, a bad cable etc. Ensure you check all these and if they are all functioning well, then the slowdown is likely to lay elsewhere. A poorly coded application presents itself as a hardware problem. This is a fact that most developers hate to hear. They can throw something at you. When there is a performance issue, sometimes it may not be because of systems, but the problem can be because of a poorly coded applications. Ensure you purchase your applications from a reputable vendor as they often test the performance of their applications before they release them in the market. You can also hire a professional application monitoring company like Apica systems and bid performance bottlenecks due to applications goodbye.




Ensure your workload is evenly distributed. You need not add more workload to an already ‘tired’ system as this overstretches it and leads to its collapse. Ensure you regularly measure the capacity as well as the performance of your system. Be keen on moving the excess workload to a less loaded system. Also, you may need to add more systems and always regularly monitor a system’s performance. The choice of your file system is likely to affect your system’s performance. A JFS file system for instance uses the least CPU. On the other hand, an XFS file system is known to have a high scalability as well as a high performance. NTFS file system is a recoverable one and has a high performance. ECXTA4 is a new file system and is known to support large files. Therefore, you need to choose wisely your file system and avoid performance bottlenecks.

Finally, malware such as viruses, spyware and Trojan horses are known to harm the performance of your systems. Malware can be harbored in your servers, workstations or on both places. Ensure to install defenses to stay free of malware infections. Use an effective antivirus, …

Pumps for Water Treatment


Treatment of water is one of the most important processes that is carried out in today’s world. With the constant pollution of our natural water sources, it is crucial that water is treated effectively to make it safe for human consumption. More so, water bodies have been massively depleted calling for innovative ways of preserving and recycling water to ensure that people can meet their daily water needs and to provide water to industries regularly.

This is not as simple as pumping water to wherever we need it. It involves using the right equipment to ensure that water is treated effectively as well as making the process expediential. Most processes involving water treatment need the correct chemicals to treat the water and quality pumps throughout the entire water treatment process.

When treating wastewater especially, you need very dependable pipes to aid the process. This is because pumping wastewater is very different from pumping clear water. Clearwater from a borehole or water body has very little contaminants and is very close to its pure form. However, wastewater is thoroughly contaminated. It has long fibres within the fluid as well as very abrasive solids that make its treatment process an extensive one. This means that the use of aggressive chemicals must be applied to the water. Sturdy pumps that can handle these aggressive chemicals, as well as the waste fluid, must be used to ensure good and effective wastewater treatment.

In the wastewater treatment process multiple biological, physical and chemical processes take place within two main treatments of the waste fluid.

Firstly treatment of the sludge takes place.

Sludge is a wet thick, soft mixture of fluid and other solid components. This sludge is a product of the water refining process, and it needs to be treated. Treatment of sludge occurs in these stages; Dewatered sludge pumping, stabilized sludge pumping, thickened sludge pumping, pumping of primary sludge, secondary sludge pumping and tertiary sludge treatment.

Secondly, the wastewater treatment is carried out.

This basically involves; pumping wastewater, odour control, pH level correction, adding the dosage of flocculants, determination of polymer and feeding filter press.

These different processes may require different types of pumps depending on how aggressive the process itself will be and customised pump providers are here to provide you with a highly reliable air operated diaphragm pump solution.

Different pumps can be easily combined to enable to conduct accurate dosing of necessary water treatment additives before and during the treatment process of the wastewater. Peristaltic pumps are able to resist the abrasive nature of the fluids. It has a relatively high dosing accuracy and a very high suction lift as well.

To make things better it is very easy to maintain. Its design includes a reinforced long life hose that completely holds the fluid within it and this prevents the pump itself from degrading due to exposure to chemicals. As a result, the only maintenance is the replacing of the hose which is very affordable.

The pump can also …