3 Rs to Finding An Excellent Adult Merchant Account Provider

Getting approval for an adult merchant account is notoriously difficult. You are an expert – why then does an adult merchant service provider treat you like a newbie?  Why is establishing a regular adult merchant account such a hard nut to crack? And, how do you get access to a good one?

Why getting approval is difficult?

First, many acquiring banks who offer credit card processing services for the adult industry have adult entertainment on their list of prohibited merchants.  There are many other reasons why an acquiring bank won’t provide accounts to such merchants among them including the masked unlawful activities, public perception, and the fact that this industry tends to suffer a relatively higher percentage of chargebacks compared to low-risk businesses.

Since only a few banks are willing to provide merchant accounts for adult entertainment sites, you will go through hell and back to get your business up and running.  More often than not, even when you can set up a merchant account, the fee will be astronomical, maybe up to 25%, just for you to begin accepting credit cards!

The 3 Rs to finding an excellent adult merchant account provider

With only a small number of acquiring banks willing to support adult entertainment companies, your chances are very limited. Therefore, any merchant looking for a high-risk account should keep in mind the 3 Rs – reliability, reputation, and respect.

  1. Reputation

Reputation matters a lot.  Make sure you conduct in-depth research not only on the provider you choose to deal with but also on the representative.  Your account provider should have not less than five years experience in handling High-Risk Merchants- they should clearly understand the risky nature of the business.

Also, you want a representative with an ETA – a degree for Certified Payment Professionals.  Most reps in the high-risk processing field come and go leaving you with a huge contract, poor services, and high processing rates. To prosper, you need someone who cares about your business and is qualified enough to bestow themselves by offering only the best as per the industry.

  1. Reliability

Because of the few reliable merchant account providers, the high-risk services industry has a lot of revenue. Your Adult business requires an account provider who apart from a long history in the high-risk world has the portfolio and quality services to prove their credentials. Anything less than that means there is a high probability your high-risk account will be shut down sooner or later.

  1. Respect

Minus respect, any business deal never ends in a win-win. This is an important tip. Your company deserves a merchant account provider who wants to see your business succeed. Without respect, expect poor, unreliable services and regular rate adjustments.

 High-risk merchant account providers who have met the 3 Rs, like EMB, can quickly set up an account for you and have it approved as soon as possible so you can start accepting credit cards.


Be Prepared – Domestic Violence and Divorce

Divorce is never a simple thing. Unfortunately, emotional disputes like divorce bring out the worst in people. When a confrontation with a former spouse is inevitable, it is up to each person to make certain they protect themselves. What many don’t realize is that divorce can often lead to legal entanglements far beyond a simple civil contest over who gets what.

The key to avoiding turning a tough situation into a worse one is to understand the risks and do what is necessary to mitigate them or avoid them altogether. Sometimes divorce leads to involvement by law enforcement. Regardless of the reasons, you need to protect yourself.

Domestic Violence

If you are confronted by the police over a domestic violence charge, whether it was a misunderstanding, an actual physical fight or something in between, keep your mouth shut. Under no circumstances should you make any attempt to explain yourself to the police. Invoke your right to remain silent and do as you’re told. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to defend yourself later.

This advice dovetails with a very basic principle when law enforcement is involved. Let your lawyer to the talking. Answer no questions for any reason. There is literally nothing you can do or say that will help you anyway. You lose nothing by remaining silent.

The Right Attorney

If you are involved in an ongoing divorce, your divorce lawyer likely already has his or her hands full with the civil case. If a criminal charge is at issue, you should ask your attorney for advice on how to hire a second lawyer to help you with the criminal charge.

The reason for this is simple. Criminal defense attorneys are far more experienced in the vagaries of navigating the criminal justice system than even veteran civil attorneys. While the lawyer you chose to represent you in the divorce may be quite competent and even brilliant, they will likely agree you will be better off if you retain a criminal defense attorney as well.

Document Everything

Even if you can’t obtain contemporaneous pictures of any potential injuries, you will do well if you can assemble photographic evidence of the alleged crime scene. Photograph the house from as many angles as possible. Try not to disturb the scene. What you can see here is what you want the court to see as well. Make certain you get a picture with a clock in it if you can. Try to take a picture of a current newspaper as well. This will establish authenticity.

If there is any damage to the home, photograph it. Make certain your photographs are delivered to your attorney as soon as possible. That will trigger privilege and you will have the orderly processes of the court to you instead of a possibly belligerent spouse or police officer’s demands.

Legal disputes are never pleasant. They can be stressful, time-consuming and expensive. The very last thing you want is for your dispute to become a nightmare due to a lack …

What are the three biggest benefits of pallet racking?

Pallet racking is one of the most popular forms of storage, especially for warehouses and storage units. It is simple and efficient, but most importantly, it is safe and secure. If you’re tired of your current inefficient storage system and you’re looking for something new, here are three of the biggest benefits of pallet racking.

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Pallet racking is convenient

Pallet racking is very convenient, as it provides a lot of vertical space. The pallets themselves are also very easy to store and move, and they can easily be brought back down again using a forklift. This is much better than a storage system that is harder to move around, as it is more efficient, which means that your employees will be able to move more materials in a shorter space of time.

There is actually another advantage to this – your employees will feel more appreciated. According to Business News Daily, giving employees surprises that are linked to work makes them feel happier and more appreciated at work – and if they spend most of their days dealing with an inefficient storage system, they will be very happy to be surprised with a more efficient system.

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Pallet racking saves space

Perhaps the biggest advantage of pallet racking is that it is a great way to save space, so it will maximise the amount of space that you have. This is because pallet racking takes advantage of vertical space, so it uses the space in the most efficient way possible.

In Ireland pallet racking can be sourced from companies like RackZone (http://www.rackzone.ie/), who specialise in high quality, affordable pallet racking.

Pallet racking is very safe

Warehouses can come with some safety risks, but pallet racking will help you to minimise some of those risks. This is because pallet racking is made from sturdy, durable, high quality materials that won’t break when they are being used to maximum capacity.

Of course, it is important to note that all employees will need to be aware of the capacity for the pallet racks, and they should also follow all of the safety rules that have been put in place. If you want to make your pallet racking even safer, you can screw or bolt them to the floor so that they are immobile, which will reduce the risk of accident even further.…

How manufacturing companies can build backlinks

If you’re a manufacturing company, you can increase awareness of your brand and website by building backlinks to your site. Not sure what this involves? Here are several strategies worth trying.

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Offer testimonials

Testimonials are powerful at influencing decisions. According to Social Media Today, 95% of consumers consult customer reviews, and more than half will seek websites with reviews. If you work with other manufacturing businesses, offer to provide a testimonial, together with a link back to your site. It’s a great way to gain awareness.

Guest blog

If you have specific manufacturing knowledge, use this to your advantage. By offering guest blog posts to other high-quality manufacturing websites, you can provide audiences with relevant and useful content showcasing your expertise. When the blog provides a link back to your site, it validates your authenticity and gets people visiting your website.

Use social media

Social media can boost your visibility, and by posting content, images or news, you can use social media to link back to your website. To gain the most from social media, use those platforms that your customers or followers tend to use, to ensure you’re attracting the right kind of audience. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are obvious candidates, but if your manufacturing business has lots of visual interest, Instagram could also be a good one to sign up to.

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Make sure you create the right impression on social media by contacting experts, such as http://www.rycomarketing.ie/seo-dublin-seo-ireland.html, offering SEO in Dublin and elsewhere. Consistency, professionalism, quality content and visual appeal are all aspects to get to grips with when using social media for SEO purposes.

Be an industry insider

There are bound to be plenty of manufacturing forums on the web, with customers and companies discussing relevant topics or seeking expert advice. Get your name out there on these forums and offer your expertise when the situation arises. By including a link to your website on the forum signature, this gives you credibility and builds links back to your site.

Sign up to directories

Directories are an invaluable tool for searching businesses, so ensure your name appears amongst your competitors. When signing up to directories, think about the most common sources, such as Yell.com or Google Places, but consider if there are any industry specific or local directories that could help put your website on the map.…

Leveraging Post-Mortem Reporting into Your Customer Response Infrastructure

If you have a company that relies upon customer service, recent changes in technology are making it more and more imperative that you upgrade your infrastructure so that you can continue to compete effectively.

Not only do you need to add mobile infrastructure that allows customers to contact you from whatever type of device that they are using, it is also a good idea to have a more sophisticated response process that allows you to use business concepts like kaizen or continuous process improvement in order to ensure that your company is capable of competing from a quality standpoint.

One type of reporting that can help you to create a stronger response process is known a post-mortem incident reporting. Already integrated software from response companies like Pager Data, it can give you perspective that allows you to change your processes in positive ways.

Here are some tips on using post-mortem incident reporting to your advantage:

No-fault versus standard reporting:

When it comes to putting on a post-mortem review of an incident, most software and service companies have it down to a science. At the same time, some companies are now trying to remove any guilt from those who were involved and instead focus on resolving the issue from a very neutral standpoint. If you are looking at issues and trying to save time for your company, this can make a lot of sense because you can avoid an entire discussion that may not need to happen.

On the other hand, classic, standard reporting does allow you to utilize the post-mortem to truly measure the performance of your workers in certain situations so that management can work through reviewing them properly. Ultimately, the key is to do a thorough post-mortem as part of your process. Fault or no-fault are decisions that you can make when you get there. If you want to get more information from Pager Duty, you can learn more here.

Do the math:

One company that chose to use a post-mortem on a set of actions taken by a director ended up concluding that the people that took that director’s job over after they left were actually doing a better job from the standpoint of a post project tally because they had created more events that were tracked. As the overall purpose of the budget and the job was to bring new members in to the organization, the problem was that the math that was used did not actually correspond to what most other directors would say is the most important part of the job. When comparing the actual number of people that joined the organization, the number was actually even, putting the original director ahead because they spent less money.

When you do a post-mortem on an incident, the same type of clarity is important.

Post-mortem reporting after an incident or a project can help slow down recidivism and expose flaws that may not otherwise be apparent in your system. If you include that type of …

2017 Technology Trends for Small Business

Small to medium-sized businesses are expected to contend with cloud adoption, the internet of things security, mobile payments, Al chatbots, and collaboration that will tool in the year. Technology may mature rapidly or emerge this year while such businesses are dealing with a continuation of trends in the world of Information Technology. However, some of the main topics will not fade away. A perennial concern remains in the cyber security system. As different threat vector change, the signs of security in information are changing. The cloud adoption is also expected to continue advancing. Chatbots are the special artificial intelligence tools that will invade the way business is operated. Comprehensive mobile solutions that include mobile payments will also be seen in this industry. As more options spring up, collaboration tools will be expected to increase. Click here for more information.

IoT Security Remains a Hot Topic of Discussion

The security of the internet of things is now one of the hottest topics for the past few months. Therefore, it will become a hot thing in technology trends in 2017. As small businesses bring more devices connected to their offices and stores, concerns about security will always be raised and expected to grow further.

The rise of malware like the Mirai has the capability to infect devices and turn them into botnets. These botnets conduct a distributed malware attack to deny the small businesses services using their computers. According to a survey conducted in 2017, security practitioners and Information Technology have seen an increase insecurity measure among small businesses that have most devices connected to their stores and offices using the internet of things.

While IoT is a new thing in the world of technology and business, we expect it to have many security challenges. However, the rise in technological advancements through the internet of things will have this problem solved with the coming years.

Cloud Computing Becomes a Norm

According to the state of SMB’s Cloud norm, SMB cloud adoption has risen with the rise in aggregation within the past few years. Over 70 percent of large companies are storing and processing their data using the online capability provided by cloud computing. Over 90 percent of market firms, according to the same research, have adopted the use of cloud computing. The factors that drive this mass adoption of cloud computing include cloud-based back-up and archiving, cloud storage devices, the adoption of basic and mobile collaborative applications, and the continued presence of employee mobile devices. Small business can take the comfort of putting their data in the public cloud. By the end of 2017, IT professionals will be expected to deploy more cloud-based services.

Artificial Intelligence comes live Through Chatbots

While small businesses are actively adopting the use of artificial intelligence on a massive scale, chatbots are the main form of artificial intelligence experienced in those businesses. Large companies use powered chatbots to engage in conversations with their clients and customers to enhance better service and production.

All these technology tools …

Evaluate Risk and Returns of your MF using a Mutual Fund Calculator

Risks are involved in every venture, and this is applicable to the mutual funds as well. Before investing in a mutual fund, you should be aware of the risk and returns associated with it. How can you do so? Here, we have listed certain factors associated with evaluating risks and returns of the mutual fund.

The following information is derived from the historical performance of the mutual funds. When you analyze previous statistics, you can estimate the future performance by performing mathematical calculations. Although this is not an exact measure, it can provide an estimate of the performance.

What are the Risks in Mutual Fund Investments?

  • Market Risks – The value of the mutual funds is driven by the market happenings. Hence, mutual funds are subjected to market risks. High volatility carries higher risk with it. Market risk should be analyzed before proceeding with the investment.
  • Currency Risks – If you are investing in offshore instruments, currency risks come into play. With the depreciation of one currency with respect to another, you can either gain or lose thereturn on your investment. Although you cannot predict the exact risk, you can derive an estimate. For example, if Rupee is depreciated against US Dollar, you will earn ahigher return if you invested in a US fund.
  • Industry Risks – Similar to market risks, but it is concerned specifically with an industry. If the particular industry witnesses a downfall, the stock prices will go down and vice versa. To prevent this, you should analyze the latest happenings in the industry.
  • Interest Risk – The interest rates are always changing and thus, it may affect the valuation of the equity and debt instruments. But, the effect is temporary and it may get better with time.
  • Country Risks – A lot of happenings in a country may affect your investment. For example, if there is a political unrest or any natural calamity, it will negatively affect your investment. If there is a new policy promoting growth in the industry, your investment may witness higher return.

You can analyze the potential of investing in mutual funds by using any mutual fund calculator, for which I highly recommend this website.

Parameters to Evaluate Mutual Fund Return

  • Risk-Adjusted Returns –Analyzing the risks associated with the mutual funds in the past and analyzing the percentage of returns associated with it, we can determine the most appropriate funds for investment. If the return percentage is same over a certain period of time, the particular mutual fund has a higher Risk Adjusted Return.
  • Benchmarks – There are certain standard industry measurements that can be used to determine the potential of a mutual fund investment. BSE Sensex and CNX Nifty are the major benchmark indices in Indian stock market.
  • Fund Manager Capabilities – Since trading will be done by a fund manager, it is necessary to peek into the capabilities of the manager. A successful fund manager should have a great track record. Moreover, decision-making skills are equally important.
  • Quality

Role of a Sales and Marketing Manager and How They Help the Organization

The role of the sales and marketing manager is very important in the present-day scenario. It is a lot of competition prevalent in today’s society and the sales and marketing constitute the most important part of the organization. They are the ones, who with their sales strategies help an organization to reach its goals.

There are a number of responsibilities, that a sales manager has, and if you are interested to know more about these different responsibilities, then you can go through the list of it discussed in details before:

  • They are the ones, who decide the target for the sales personnel. Based on the goals of an organization, the sales and marketing managers decide as to what monthly target should aim at. The most important aspect of any company to do well is to earn a profit. A good sales figure, definitely helps a company to reach its goals.
  • Marketing is also another very important aspect of an organization. It is only through a good marketing technique, that a company is able to reach out to people and also build a brand name for their company. Good marketing helps a company to reach its sales figures.
  • The sales and marketing manager also sets a proper time frame for the sales personnel to reach their goals. In the age of tremendous competition, you have to reach the sales figure in time, and the sales manager decides the time frame.
  • Apart from driving the sales and marketing of an organization, the manager also makes sure, that the sales professionals are able to make quality sales. Apart, from quantity sales, it is also important for the organization to make quality sales. If a company wants to earn a reputation in the market, it is important that the sales and the marketing manager of that particular company helps the organization to achieve both quality and quantity sales.

Barry Bulakites has been associated with the sales and the marketing of a number of companies and has helped that companies in achieving their goals. His leadership experience has made many companies reach their desired objectives. He has developed growth strategies and has put together a number of sales channels, in order to help an organization in reaching the desired goal. He has also helped an organization to build a result oriented team of sales professionals who have been able to successfully reach the sales target.

Barry Bulakites, apart from being a successful sales and marketing manager, has also been a reputed motivational speaker. He specializes in the field of retirement and distribution strategies and has also been a reputed consultant to the CPAs regarding the different retirement taxation schemes. He has been associated with the sales and marketing of different organizations and has made sure, that all of them have been able to successfully reach the desired goal.…

Do you know how much your company

Do you know how much your company is spending on printing, copying and faxes? If the answer is no, then you’re not alone. In many businesses printing is something that tends to happen below the management radar, so there’s little or no control over its costs and efficiency.

Of course, you can only take control of something if you can measure it, so understanding your existing set-up is the first step.

What Is a Print Audit?

A print audit from a company like http://www.xeretec.co.uk/services/print-audit is conducted to gather information on printer use, how printing resources are accessed and the operational costs that are involved in these activities.

It’s important to define the remit of the audit at the beginning of the process. Does it, for example, need to include things like photocopying and faxing? Does it take account of printing jobs contracted out to third parties, such as printing brochures and sales material?

The first stage of a print audit is usually to collect usage information from existing systems. Printer hardware always includes some form of copy counter which can be interrogated to find out how many pages are being produced. In the case of multi-function devices, this information should also be able to tell you how many of the pages produced are prints, how many are copies, and the proportion of jobs produced in monochrome and colour.

As well as the volume of printing, it’s also important to know where the jobs are coming from. You may have networked printers that are accessible by many people and also individual machines attached to desktop PCs.

You also need the audit to look at the cost of printing – not just the capital cost of the equipment, but how much you’re spending on consumables, on power and on maintenance costs. The costs of contracted-out printing need to be examined too. For many companies the total cost of their spending on print activity can come as a bit of a surprise.

Where Next?

Armed with the audit information, you can begin to look at streamlining your operation and bringing your printing costs under control. In some cases this may mean making just a few minor changes in order to optimise your print operations. In others it may require a more radical approach.

If an infrastructure change is required, then you have the opportunity to use the audit results to position printing equipment where it’s most needed. You also can take greater control of who is allowed to create prints and in what format. There are security implications here too: if your company deals with sensitive information, then you’ll want to have control over what is printed out. This in turn will help with compliance when it comes to implementing new regulations like GDPR.

All businesses are under pressure to cut costs. Understanding your print requirements is a step towards ensuring that money isn’t being thrown away on inefficient operations and unnecessary printing. Carrying out a print audit is the first stage of …

Legal cashiering is a specialised job

Legal cashiering is a specialised job. Managing the finance and accounting functions of a solicitors’ firm, particularly one handling and holding large amounts of client money, demands deep understanding of the Solicitors’ Accounts Rules and Code of Conduct. Any breach or slip-up opens the firm up to the risk of charges of money-laundering or fraud.

In-House or Outsourcing?

Traditionally, firms have conducted their legal cashiering in-house. However, as regulations surrounding the area grow ever more complex and cost pressures mount, more and more firms are recognising the advantages of outsourcing this function.

It is, of course, essential to choose the right provider. Relevant experts, such as Pinpoint | Outsourced legal cashiering service | Cloud based software, are always happy to discuss their tailor-made services, allowing firms to assess the benefits for themselves.

Focus on Your Business

Engaging an expert to manage its accounts allows a solicitors’ firm to focus on its specialism of providing excellent client care. Fee-earners need only record their fee-earning activities and disbursements. Providing the legal cashiering service with daily email notifications of incoming and outgoing monies is then all that is necessary to allow them to do the rest.

Personalised Service

Engaging a legal cashiering service does not mean giving your firm over to a faceless call centre or help desk. The best legal cashier services ensure each firm has a named cashier and deputy to provide a personalised and easily accessible service. At least one of these individuals will always be contactable during the working week.

Cloud Access for Business Continuity

Legal cashiering providers offering cloud-hosted services mean that client firms have 24/7 access to files and finances.

Compliance and Reconciliation

A legal cashiering service will take away the administrative and intellectual headaches of ensuring that your firm complies with all the latest industry regulations. They will ensure this is done in a timely fashion so as to avoid all risk of financial penalties. It will also ensure all bank accounts are reconciled in order to satisfy the firm’s obligations under the SRA Accounts Rules.

Interactive System

Many legal cashiering services recognise that just because firms outsource this aspect of their operation, it does not mean they do not want to monitor their accounts data. Consequently, excellent legal cashiering services offer fully interactive packages.

Cost Savings

Employing an in-house cashier inevitably involves overheads. Some, such as salary, training and office space costs, are fairly predictable. Others, including recruitment costs, can surprise employers at inopportune moments. Outsourcing the cashiering function replaces these overheads with a single, predictable and affordable monthly fee.

Smooth Out Cash Flow

External cashiering services are experienced at claiming back money due from clients. They will also watch for the late arrival of monies due or anomalous amounts received and ensure appropriate remedial action.

Accounting Issues

No small matter for any business, accounting issues can be particularly complex for law firms. External cashiering services can help streamline this process by ensuring all accounts are kept in good order. It will also be …