Three Fun, Family-Friendly Summer Business Ideas for Your Kids

Summertime can be as productive as you want it to be, with opportunities for you and your kids to have lots of fun together. One cool thing to do, as a family, through the summer months, is to come up with and build an awesome community business. One that the whole neighborhood can enjoy.

Tip: Decide as a family what you would want to do with your summer earnings. You could take a small weekend vacation if the earnings prove lucrative. Or perhaps invest in a new entertainment source for the house that everyone can chip in for and use. Let your kiddos take the lead in making those decisions. For them, this summer could be one giant, fun learning experience.

Go Classic with a Lemonade Stand but Add a Twist

Lemonade stands have been the tried-and-true classics of summertime in neighborhoods for the last five decades, or longer. Kids can DIY their own with a little table, cooler, and set up of pitchers, plus a sign that reads how much a fresh cup of homemade lemonade would cost.

In this case though, you should add a twist. For instance, encourage your kids to make freckled lemonade with a punch of strawberry flavoring and fresh-cut strawberries. Or, if your neighborhood is popular for runners, make a pitcher of ice-cold water with cucumber slices for ultimate rehydration.

Host a Community Bake Sale

Community bake sales are chances for your kids and neighborhood children to create their own delicious treats and sale them for profit. Book a reception hall, like a church room or hotel lobby, and host a small bake sale that allows kiddos to be creative with their concoction of yummy treats.

Tip: For bigger business operations, like semi-weekly bake sales or even a family-owned summer lawn service, you could take out a small loan. However, as with any askance for government monies, you should avoid blatant losses, a substandard loan, or what you believe to be a bad investment.

Older Kids Can Be Tutors to Fellow Students Throughout Their Neighborhood

Young teens are capable of tutoring other kiddos throughout your neighborhood, as it’s probable that they all attend, or have attended, the same community schools. Help your older kids set up and market a summer tutoring business—kind of like an at-home summer school. It will give neighborhood kids an edge for their next set of classes when summer ends.…

How To Get High-Paying Loads

When you own a small trucking company or if you are an owner-operator, one of the biggest challenges is trying to find loads that pay enough. Finding high-paying loads is not always an easy task. Here are some tips on how to find loads for truck drivers that pay well.

1. New truck drivers often make the mistake of using only load boards to find their loads. While these do provide listings for loads on a regular basis, they are almost always low-paying loads that will keep you at the bottom of the food chain. Another bad habit that new truckers often find themselves getting into is bouncing from broker to broker.

2. Before you start accepting loads, know what kind of customer you want. Most truckers have very few criteria, only that the shipper pay well, pay on time, and give them loads on a regular basis. There may also be considerations such as no hazardous freight but most truckers are not that picky.

3. Probably the best way to look when you want to know how to find loads for truck drivers is to ask your local chapter. This does not mean local chapters of trucker associations, there is only competition in these places. You should be looking for local chapters of associations that your potential client belongs to. Places such as building associations or grocers associations are great places to find potential customers that will be loyal to you and give you great work.

As you can see, there are some easy ways to find customers who will pay frequently and well and also be able to keep you supplied with a regular supply of loads. By using these tips, you will never be at a want for work for the rest of your career.…

Building a Brand Starts with Your Website

There’s a renewed emphasis on building your business brand, regardless of what kind of business you own. This is where all marketing endeavors begin, especially now that the internet has created a global marketplace. While there’s no limit to the number of consumers you can reach, creating a positive online image is the key to that growth. For many businesses, taking the time to grow their brand can save thousands of dollars on paid advertising campaigns.

Building your brand begins with creating a good website. While the visual appearance and user-friendliness of your site matters, your content is especially important. Even if it means hiring professional copywriters with intimate knowledge of SEO tactics, your website must provide high-quality content. In terms of searchability and attracting new website visitors, a good website should include blog posts that are entertaining and informative. The posts should also be relevant to the general theme of your business.

Once you’ve set up your website, you can start expanding your reach with social media posts and email marketing for real estate agents, or any other field related to your business. Both your social media posts and email messages should serve the purpose of driving users to your website. You can accomplish this by sharing a little about each blog post, but leaving off on an important point. Users will want to see the rest of the information, so they’ll click the link to go to your website.

Once you begin driving more users to your site, the trick is to get them to return regularly. For visitors referred to your site via your social media posts, you should encourage them to sign up for your newsletter by sharing that members will receive special offers, early notifications of upcoming sales, and the latest blog updates. Just make sure you deliver on whatever enticements you offer.

This is just the beginning of your marketing adventure. Employing these techniques and learning how to refine your posts can help you build your brand and expand your reach. You’ll soon discover that social media marketing and email marketing can be fun and enjoyable, as well as providing you low-cost ways to grow your business.…

Questions to Ask a Cleaning Service

It is now time for you to decide which cleaning service you will choose to keep your office looking spotless. You need to take this decision seriously and not choose the cleaning service that has the best looking ad in your phone book. Check out the backgrounds of the various companies. Look for anything out of the ordinary. You need to be totally positive that the cleaning service you are allowing into your building is honest and reputable. You will not be able to know this for sure unless you take the time to do some investigating. Here are the questions that you need to pose to every cleaning service that you are seriously thinking about hiring.

1. What precautions do you take to screen all of your employees for possible criminal behavior?

You always need to keep in mind that you will be allowing complete strangers into your offices. You simply cannot just cross your fingers and hope these are good people. This is why it is imperative that any cleaning service you hire subject all of their employees to a comprehensive background check. Do not accept anything less than this. The people who are cleaning your offices must not have a criminal record of any kind.

2. How long have you been cleaning offices?

The next thing you need to check out is their level of experience. Find out how long the company has been in business. Basically, you should be looking for a company that provides custodial services Florida that has been around for no less than three years. A cleaning service that has been able to survive that long has been doing very high quality work.

3. What type of businesses do you usually clean?

Not all businesses are cleaned in the same way. You are not going to clean a medical facility or a computer server room in the same way that you would a typical office or school. Therefore, you should verify that the cleaning service has the necessary skills, equipment and training to clean the type of business that you are in charge of.…

What Sort of Businesses Need Motor Trade Cover?

If you are involved in the motor trade, the type of insurance cover you need may be confusing. It is important that you have sufficient cover when you start out in the industry and that any potential losses or costs are adequately covered.

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Motor Trade Insurance is a different sector from car insurance and is needed regardless which sector of the trade you are involved in. The policy should cover you as an individual, your tools, stock and premises and anything else which is crucial to your being able to trade.

Specialist Broker

Cover in the sector is divided into three different kinds of business. It is for those who sell vehicles, those who drive customers and finally the servicing sector. You also need to consider employees and members of the public and the prospect of not trading for a prolonged period due to accident or damage to property and stock.

Motor Trade Insurance is, then, a complex area, and you may wish to use the services of a specialist broker such as

Advice on brokers can be found through the British Insurance Brokers’ Association. Always look for a broker who specialises in motor trade cover.

The most common businesses which need this kind of insurance include MOT garages, servicing outlets, car dealerships (even if this is a part-time occupation) exhaust and tyre fitters, accident and recovery services, valeting companies, businesses fitting or selling vehicle accessories and car transporters and deliverers. Scrap yards will also need to look at their specialist insurance cover.

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Insufficient Cover

Although the insurance policy which a broker will recommend will be broad, there are some specialist areas of the sector which will require bespoke cover. These include specialist vehicles and companies which will be operating heavy machinery.

If you do not have expert industry advice, you run the risk of understating the value of the business and thus having insufficient cover should a major incident occur, and this could impact on your ability to continue trading.

The more comprehensive your policy, tailored to suit the size of your company and how it operates, the more likely you will be able to trade with peace of mind.

The issue is complex, and you will save time by seeking advice to ensure all eventualities are covered.…

How VoIP can help with business agility

Business agility is something you’ll frequently hear savvy managers talking about, and it seems to be a concept that can lead to a more organised and unified operation. What is it exactly, and how can VoIP help to achieve this desirable buzzword?

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About business agility

Business agility is about collaborating in the workplace to boost your workflow. By making use of unified communications, you operate in a more agile and flexible environment. By changing production systems to optimise workflow within a set period of time, business agility can pave the way for a more flexible customer and client relationship whilst operating in a more open and communicative setting.

According to HR Zone, business agility allows organisations to respond quickly to changes in the internal or external environment without losing any momentum or vision. It’s essential for firms seeking long-term survival or those working in fast-paced industries.

How VoIP can help

Improved communications and collaboration are at the heart of business agility. Unifying your communications through VoIP systems can help to achieve business agility. VoIP systems are especially useful for so-called scrum sessions, where employees work together to decide who does what work projects and when.

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The beauty of using VoIP systems is that you can enjoy integrated calls and instant messaging on one single platform. By using an international VoIP wholesale provider to supply your services, you can even sync a range of devices together, including desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones.

By syncing communications using VoIP systems, employees can consult each other whenever and wherever they may be, increasing your ability to control and manage communications and collaboration. This is especially useful for staff working remotely.

If scrums are a particular feature of your business or you have stand-up sessions to inform teams what tasks staff will be completing each day, you can experience improved and more flexible communications when using international VoIP wholesale provider services.

The benefit of using VoIP systems is that you can tailor services to meet your own requirements, so Go online to idt express to find our more information on International voip wholesale providers to see what’s right for you and your team.

With the option to make calls, send voicemails, or use instant messaging on cost-effective, unified communications systems, you can look forward to better collaboration and teamwork.…

Finding a CPA for your organization – The steps involved

When it comes to selecting the most appropriate accountant for your business, this can definitely be the most intimidating thing. An average city will have several accounting firms from which you can choose. In what way should you know that you’re choosing the best CPA for your organization? Though there are online resources like which can give you the best CPAs in Israel, how are you supposed to know that you’re choosing the best?

Well, you need not fret as we will put together a step-by-step guide to help you choose the best CPA, whether an individual or a firm in the market.

1. Recognize your requirements

Are you looking forward to hiring a CPA for your business? What are the things that you’re trying to accomplish? The few tasks that you would want from him are filing your personal taxes, helping you with IRS audit, handle the payroll of your business and give you the best answers about retirement. Unless you identify your needs, you won’t know whom to hire.

2. Set your goals

So, do you know someone who can assist you with your taxes? But why would you seek help of such a person? What is the end-result that you’re looking for? For majority of them, the end-result is to save money from income tax return. Once you write down the goals, establish them and keep them safe.

3. Ask friends and family members

By now, you require knowing the reason behind why you require an accountant and in what way they will help you to obtain. Personal recommendations from people whom you know are also valuable enough and if your best friend tells you about an accountant, there is a big chance that the accountant will definitely be the perfect choice for you.

4. Look for a trustworthy accountant yourself

Your friends and family might not have given you any such worthy recommendations. Then what should you do? It’s high time you take to yourself and start looking for a CPA on your own. You can start off by searching at the CPA Firm directory and also get pre-qualified by the featured firms so that you can obtain the best experience.
Therefore, whenever you’re wondering about the ways in which you can get hold of the best CPA in the town, you should take into account the above listed steps to ensure settling down with the best one.

Tag Heuer vs. Omega Watch Comparison

Two of the most popular watch brands on the market today are Tag Heuer and Omega. Both watch brands have a huge group of loyal consumers. However, those who are not familiar with one and/or both watch brands may be confused when WatchShopping. To understand more about each watch brand and assist making a buying decision, here is a guide about the difference between Omega and Tag Heuer.

What is a Tag Heuer Watch?

Tag Heuer was first introduced to the market in the 1860s. It is one of the finest luxury watches for both men and women. The watchmaker has plenty of celebrity endorsers such as actors and sports figures. The Tag Heuer offers a various number of diverse watches such as quartz, automatic chronograph, automatic and GMT.

The company also makes the watches with a diverse number of materials. The materials range from the standard stainless steel and gold to diamonds and ceramic. The watch strap materials are made with high-quality materials such as crocodile, leather and steel.

What is an Omega Watch?

The Omega watchmaker has been around since the 1880s. It is renowned for durability and in combination of elegance and sporty design. The watchmaker also has hired many celebrities to endorse its watches. Omega watches are available in a variety of styles for men and women. The largest selection of Omega watches includes Deville, Seamaster and Planet Ocean.

Tag Heuer and Omega are Similar in Price

Both watch brands are similar in price. However, when materials and quality are considered, Tag Heuer may beat out Omega. For example, the Carrera CV2010 (Tag Heuer) and Omega Planet Ocean are two watches from each watchmaker that are similarly priced.

The Most Prestigious Brand is Omega

Tag Heuer and Omega are similar in pricing and movements. The only thing that separates the two watch brands regarding prestige is space history. Omega is slightly more prestigious because its movements were evolved from the U.S. space program.

The Omega 8500 movements are very accurate because of the co-axial modification. It is important to note that Tag Heuer watches do not have chronometer rating. However, they are still as accurate (if not more accurate) than Omega’s chronometer rating.

Tag Heuer has a lot of in-house and popular calibers. The most common is called the Calibre 1887. Another common type of movement is called Calibre S. This may give the watchmaker an edge over Omega.

Tag Heuer Makes Smart Watches

Tag Heuer makes quartz watches, highly precise chronographs timepieces and mechanical watches. Omega does make some mechanical watches such as Speedmaster Professional. Nevertheless, Omega does not make smart watches.

Picking the Best Watch to Buy

Personal choice and preference are most important when buying a watch. The ultimate decision on whether Tag Heuer watch is better than an Omega watch or vice versa, is personal taste. However, it is important to know the difference between each watch to make the best decision about a watch purchase.…

Entertainment Company

When a new entertainment establishment opens up in Texas, getting all the details right takes some real doing, especially if that establishment plans on selling alcohol. Sure, there are lots of restaurants and cafes that do well without a liquor license in Texas, but the reality is that eateries and entertainment nightspots can make a much bigger profit if they sell alcohol. Cafes that serve alcohol can bring in many more customers immediately, and those customers will spend much more than they would if they only order food. All this is good for business, yet with the sale of alcohol comes a lot of responsibility, which is why getting a license is so complicated. The TABC Licensing Process In Texas, the rules for getting a permit to serve alcohol are complicated, and the laws vary somewhat between cities. All of this means that the permitting process is very complex, and getting through the government bureaucracy that oversees this process is complicated indeed. Business owners who are racing to get their new establishment open by the deadline have a lot of details to worry about, and adding in the work of getting the TABC license just adds to the overall workload. All of this is why many business owners now hire consultants to take over the paperwork for them. Liquor license consultants know the laws governing the sale of alcohol well, and they are able to work through the system much more quickly than a lay person can. Due to this, these experts are able to get a liquor license through in fraction of the time. So, if you are thinking of opening a business that requires a liquor license, consider bringing in an expert to take over. The time and headaches this can save you and your business are truly monumental, so why not call in an expert consultant today?…

Working with an Experienced Team on Major Projects

When your business has been handed several major projects to complete, it can be important for you to manage every aspect of them. You have to make sure they will be carried out to the client’s satisfaction. You also want them to be finished in a timely manner.

However, you might be lacking in the technological guidance you need to pull off the projects without a hitch. You can hire a business that specializes in designing, programming, and business it solutions to assist you every step of the way.

Bringing Your Ideas to Life

You might have some great ideas for how the projects should be undertaken and finished. However, bringing those ideas to life can be challenging when you lack the technological know-how that is needed for some aspects of it.

When you consult with the business, you can explain what ideas you have and ask if they can be brought to reality. The business contractors can then take your ideas and build the technology around them or alter them to make them more realistic for the projects.

If you do not want to be a part of the IT process, you could hand off the entire task to the contractors with whom you are partnering. You can focus on the aspects that you can handle and finish on your own. The other IT factors of the project can be taken care of by people who are professionally trained and capable of this type of work.

Before you partner with them, you might want to know that the contractors have what it takes to bring the projects to a successful conclusion. You can gain insight into their experience and training by visiting the business’s website. You also can learn about details like pricing and availability of contracting services.

Wrapping up big projects may require you to trust part of the work to experienced professionals. You can have the IT aspects of the work done by partnering with a business that specializes in these services. You can find out more on the website today.…